Udne Ki Aasha 7th July 2024: Anyone think anything

Udne Ki Aasha 7th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode starts with Paresh announcing that Sayali will handle all the rituals. Renu questions why, but Paresh tells her to stay silent. Shakku advises Renu not to escalate the situation. Aaji tells Sayali that the marriage will only proceed if she hands over the mangalsutra. Sachin urges Sayali to comply with Aaji’s request. The pandit instructs Tejas and Roshni to take the ceremonial rounds.

Sayali hands over the mangalsutra, while Renu looks displeased. Sayali assists with the rituals. Tejas applies sindoor to Roshni and then places the mangalsutra around her neck. The pandit declares the marriage complete and asks Tejas and Roshni to seek blessings from their elders. Everyone blesses them.

Sachin makes a lighthearted joke about Tejas, saying they should offer condolences to Roshni instead of congratulations. Paresh tells everyone to follow his instructions and congratulates the newlyweds. Vidya congratulates Roshni and encourages her to smile, reassuring her that her future will be happy. Roshni thanks her.

Aaji asks Sayali to take the newlyweds to the temple. She mentions that Shanti called about heavy rains in the village and the need to address the breaking roof immediately to prevent the harvest from being ruined. Paresh offers to accompany her, but Aaji insists on going with Gita instead.

Sachin offers to drive them, but Aaji tells him to stay with Sayali, and Akash will take them to the bus stop. Renu comments on Paresh sending Sayali with them, and Shakku wonders what Renu will do next.

Renu expresses her intention to find a rich girl like Roshni for Akash. Paresh calls her and instructs the pandit to conduct a puja for Tejas and Roshni. The pandit gives the newlyweds their belongings back and asks Renu to stay behind. Renu complains about money and the garlands being made for her. The pandit then asks Sachin and Sayali to come forward.

The pandit instructs Sachin and Sayali to exchange garlands. Renu questions the need for this, and the pandit explains that Sayali got married a few months ago and has done much work for the temple without charging poor couples for garlands.

Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Paresh praises Sayali’s good nature and character, saying that’s why he chose her as his daughter-in-law. Sachin and Sayali exchange garlands as “Ye Lamha” plays. Sachin compliments Sayali, noting her respect in the community and taunts Renu.

Sayali and her family smile, but Renu insists they should leave. Paresh asks why she’s in a hurry, and Sachin remarks that Renu can’t stand seeing Sayali receive respect. Renu retorts that there are other rituals to perform and urges everyone to leave.

Upon arriving home, Roshni worries but feels relieved seeing Akash instead of PA. Vidya tells her to keep smiling. Sachin jokes about Renu’s slow pace with work. Paresh hands the aarti plate to Sayali to perform the aarti, but Renu insists on doing it. Paresh suggests they do it together.

Sachin encourages Sayali to go ahead, and they perform the aarti together. Renu privately vows to undermine Sayali. She welcomes Roshni and taunts Sayali, prompting Sachin to become angry. Renu washes Roshni’s feet and welcomes her, leaving Sayali feeling sad.

He asks if anything happened. She replies that she’s just feeling tired. He accepts her response. Meanwhile, Renu washes Tejas’ feet. She then instructs Roshni to make the kalash fall, but Roshni’s anklet slips off. Renu halts her and Vidya notices the hook is broken.

Roshni decides to remove the other anklet, but Sayali offers to fix it. Renu declines her help, but Sayali insists that it’s bad luck to enter the house without an anklet. Paresh agrees with Sayali. Sayali goes ahead to repair it with a thread, which impresses Akash.

Sachin teases Renu about Roshni, but Renu tells him to stop. Sachin points out that Renu has no rebuttal. Sayali successfully fixes the anklet, which earns her praise from Akash. Renu makes a joke at Sayali’s expense.

Sachin threatens to break the anklet, but Paresh intervenes, saying Sayali’s effort shouldn’t be ruined over foolishness. Sayali suggests giving the anklet to Renu, prompting Sachin to insist that Renu thank Sayali. Paresh supports this, and Renu reluctantly says thank you. Sachin then hands the anklet to Roshni, who wears it and enters the house.

Renu asks Sayali to get fruits and milk with almond powder. Sayali informs her that the almond powder is finished. Sachin makes a joke about Tejas. Just then, the police arrive and the constable asks if it’s Sachin’s house.

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