Udne Ki Aasha 8th July 2024: Its Sachin house

Udne Ki Aasha 8th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Renu and Sachin arguing. Paresh asks Sachin to stay quiet. Renu turns to Sayali and asks, “Why didn’t you get food?” Sayali responds, “You told me not to touch the grains box.” Sachin suggests Renu should get a checkup.

Renu remarks to Roshni that all the bad things are leaving the house. Sachin and Paresh joke about Renu. Frustrated, Renu shouts at Sayali and sends her to get milk. Shakku notices Roshni sweating and asks what’s wrong.

Roshni attributes it to her bridal dress and the heat. Renu instructs Sayali to increase the fan speed and fetch a cold drink. Sachin and Tejas start to argue. Renu asks Tejas to drink the milk and share it with Roshni. Vidya tries to reassure Roshni, telling her not to worry and to smile.

The police arrive, inquiring about Sachin. Sayali insists Sachin hasn’t done anything wrong. Sachin speaks with the inspector, explaining he had confronted Dinesh, who was speaking offensively. He admits to beating Dinesh and wanting to help a girl, but Dinesh fled. This worries Roshni. Renu urges the inspector to take Sachin away.

The inspector asks about the girl, and Sachin explains he didn’t see her picture and can’t remember the name Dinesh mentioned, but hopes she’s alright. The inspector reveals Dinesh had an accident after running away. Sachin expresses satisfaction, and Vidya notes they seem to have been saved. A constable finds Dinesh’s sim card and calls the last dialed number, which Roshni answers.

Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

The inspector questions Roshni about knowing Dinesh, and she becomes tense seeing his picture. Sachin demands Tejas to ask Roshni how she knows him. Tejas asks, and Roshni claims it’s a new number, used for her parlor appointments.

The inspector warns she may need to visit the police station for further information. Sachin suspects something is off. Akash and Sachin leave for work, while Renu taunts Sayali. Meanwhile, Akash and Riya have a conversation on the phone, planning to meet soon so he can cook for her.

Vidya comforts Roshni, praising Sayali as a good Devrani. Roshni sends Vidya to find out more about Dinesh. Renu expresses concern over managing the accounts, fearing Sayali might give money to her mother. She asks Sayali for the diary, but Sayali says she has to get something first.

Renu jokes about Sayali and then inquires about the money. Sayali proudly presents 14,000 rupees instead of the expected 4,000, explaining it’s a profit. She shares with Paresh how she increased the profits by suggesting Sarvesh reuse flowers. Paresh praises Sayali, and Renu is surprised.

Paresh tells Renu to acknowledge his favorite daughter-in-law. Renu decides to use the money for Roshni and Tejas, admitting Sayali did a good job. Paresh gives 4,000 rupees to Sayali, recognizing her right to it. Renu is taken aback. Sayali says she placed the money at Bappa’s feet, praying for Sachin.

Vidya calls Roshni, informing her that Dinesh is in a coma at the hospital. She encourages Roshni to start her life without worry and to thank Sachin for his help. Roshni agrees, feeling grateful, and goes to hug Renu. She thanks Renu, expressing how lucky she feels to have a mother figure in her.

Renu, touched, responds that Roshni would have been the first daughter-in-law if they had met earlier, but assures her she is now the eldest and most valued.

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