Udne Ki Aasha 9th June 2024: Happy life soon

Udne Ki Aasha 9th June 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Sachin and Sayali heading to the temple. Sachin suggests she come along to his friend’s house, but Sayali declines, preferring to be dropped off at Krish’s place. Sachin agrees and drops her there. At Krish and Roshni’s house, Sayali inquires about Roshni’s marriage plans.

Roshni’s mother informs her that she is preparing for the puja related to her daughter’s wedding and goes to get snacks for Sayali.

Meanwhile, Riya is busy with her dubbing work and decides to call Akash. They chat about their day, and Akash offers to make her something new for dinner. Riya expresses her desire for chicken sandwiches. Akash, who enjoys cooking, agrees and reveals his interest in cooking over eating.

Riya teases him about becoming her personal chef, to which Akash happily agrees, calling her his first and best customer. Riya playfully suggests she should visit him sometime, to which Akash asks her to send someone to pick up the sandwiches.

Back at Krish’s place, Sayali talks to Roshni’s mother about Sachin while Krish invites her to play with him. During their play, Krish suddenly runs in front of a car, and Sayali rushes to save him, getting injured in the process. Sachin arrives at the scene, and together with Roshni’s mother, they learn that the car had sped away.

Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Determined to teach the driver a lesson, Sachin follows the car and confronts the driver, demanding an apology for hitting Sayali. Sayali, although hurt, smiles as the men apologize and Sachin tends to her injuries, using a traditional remedy he learned from his grandmother, showing his caring nature. The scene ends on a touching note, with the song “Pal ek pal” playing in the background.

He remarks, “You always fight with me; you should be careful when playing on the road.” Roshni’s mother defends her, stating she ran to save Krish, so it’s not her fault, and she expresses gratitude towards Sayali. She suggests going to the hospital. Sachin offers to take her, mentioning they also need to visit the temple, and goes to get his bike.

Meanwhile, Akash and Juhi have a conversation. Juhi predicts that a certain girl will propose to Akash, but he denies it. Later, he meets Shubha, who inquires about Tejas’ marriage. Akash confirms the news, mentioning that Paresh and Renu have gone to Aaji’s village to invite her.

He assures Shubha that they will also come here, and he plans to accompany them. After their interaction, Shubha warns Juhi to remember her boundaries, noting Akash’s positive traits and reminding Juhi of Renu’s disapproval of their friendship.

Upon returning home, Sachin notices Sayali’s injury and lifts her in his arms, while “Meri rahein…” plays in the background. Sayali smiles at him. Shanti and Aaji are delighted to see them, noting their growing closeness, which they attribute to Aaji’s prayers. Shanti reveals Sachin’s feelings for Sayali, and Aaji acknowledges Sayali as his wife.

Concerned about villagers’ gossip, Shanti suggests they may attract negative attention, but Aaji dismisses the idea, believing in warding off any evil eye. Sachin, struggling with Sayali’s weight, jokingly complains about his backache, prompting Aaji to scold him for not taking better care of her.

Aaji tends to Sayali’s foot injury with a salt cloth, and Sayali recalls the car accident, where Sachin defended her and made the driver apologize. Aaji encourages Sayali to make their marriage work, despite their initial misunderstandings, as she sees potential in Sachin to be a good husband.

Sayali expresses her doubts, citing their frequent fights and Sachin’s belief that she’s a burden on him. She shares her attempts to reconcile, but Sachin’s harsh words have hurt her. Aaji assures her that Sachin is a good person, shaped by Renu’s neglect, and believes that with patience and effort, Sayali can change him for the better. Sayali, uncertain but hopeful, agrees to try, acknowledging the transformative power of love and understanding in their relationship.

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