Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th June 2024: stop overthinking

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th June 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

Doctor informs Arjun that a room has been allocated for him to conduct inquiries with the hospital staff. A nurse informs the doctor that a patient, admitted with bullet injuries, has a slim chance of survival.

She explains that the patient refuses treatment until he gives a statement to the police, claiming to possess crucial information. Arjun, revealing his identity as a civil service officer, offers to take the statement.

Approaching Gopal, Shanti’s aide, Arjun notices his severe injuries and tries to recall where he has seen him before. Gopal, in pain, mutters about Shanti and CD 859. Arjun questions the significance of CD 859, but before he can get answers, Gopal passes away. Desperate, Arjun pleads with him not to die, but the doctor arrives and confirms Gopal’s death.

Arjun calls Kashvi to share the developments. Emotional, Kashvi suggests cracking the code CD 859, which she believes is their last hope. Arjun decides to consult a hacker for assistance. Kashvi heads to a hotel and plans to check with the RTO about the possible owner of the vehicle with the number CD 859.

Meeting the hacker, Arjun inquires if CD 859 refers to a location, but the hacker is unable to find any relevant information. Arjun then considers if CD could stand for something else and learns about a CD shop nearby.

Upon investigation, the shop owner denies knowledge of CD 859, despite having an extensive collection. Suspicious, Arjun notices a door and discovers a hidden bar inside the shop. Realizing he might find answers there, he is suddenly attacked by goons who seem to be guarding the place, indicating he may have stumbled upon something significant.

Kashvi searched for any vehicle with the registration number CD859 on the RTO website but couldn’t find any information. Concerned, she tried calling Arjun, only to find that his number was unreachable.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Worried about his safety, she hoped he wasn’t in trouble, thinking about the trackers they had in each other’s phones. Determined to find him, she tracked Arjun’s phone and discovered his location at Rajshri Music Collection. Leaving the hotel, she stepped outside, where Aditya, in his car, noticed her and wondered why she was there.

Kashvi hailed a taxi and drove off, with Aditya following at a discreet distance, intent on discovering her purpose. While trailing her, he received a call from Raunaq Sir, which he answered and listened to before responding with an “okay.”

Arriving at Rajshri Music Collection, Kashvi approached a shop attendant, showing Arjun’s photo and inquiring if he had been there. The attendant, however, lied, claiming he hadn’t seen Arjun. Suspicious, Kashvi realized she needed to search for clues herself. She found Arjun’s phone near a rack, picked it up, and left the shop. The attendant, relieved that she was leaving, thought she wouldn’t return.

Outside, Kashvi noticed a CCTV camera and insisted that the shopkeeper show her the footage, identifying herself as a civil service officer. Watching the footage, she saw Arjun entering the CD shop but not leaving.

Puzzled, she decided to check behind the shop, where she discovered music playing from a bar. She concluded that Arjun might have uncovered the bar’s operation, and they might have apprehended him. Realizing that the CD shop was a front, she speculated that Arjun was inside. Determined to investigate further, she pondered on how to enter. The shopkeeper mentioned that Dilruba would start dancing in 20 minutes, piquing Kashvi’s interest further.

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