Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd July 2024: Aditya following

Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode starts with Kashvi questioning Arjun about why he stepped in front of her car. Aditya reveals he was following her and asks why she ran away from her mehendi function. He inquires if she is unhappy with the marriage, suggesting she is only marrying him for Karun’s sake, as they can provide him with a happy and peaceful life together. Aditya offers to call off the wedding if Kashvi is not willing. Kashvi thinks about Arjun but decides not to let her emotions cloud her judgment.

She apologizes to Aditya and insists on proceeding with the marriage, urging him to go home. Aditya checks if she’s happy, but Kashvi remains resolute, repeating that they should go home. He watches her leave and contemplates that if he hadn’t stopped her, she would have seen Kamal. He decides to prioritize handling Kashvi over Arjun.

Dr. Mathur examines Kamal, stating his condition is severe due to being removed from the hospital post-surgery, leading to internal injuries and infection. Nitya urges Arjun to let the doctor continue the treatment.

Isha tells Kashvi that her lehenga is ready. Karun accidentally bumps into Micky, spilling tea on the lehenga. Kashvi checks on Karun, who assures her he’s fine. Isha mentions the tea spill, and Aditya suggests buying a new lehenga, encouraging Kashvi to come with him. Initially, Kashvi refuses, but Isha and Romila persuade her.

As they leave, Micky observes that Kashvi seems unhappy. Monty comments that she loves Arjun but is marrying Aditya for Karun’s sake. Micky wishes they could help. Arjun follows Kashvi and Aditya as they head to the mall.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

At the mall, the designer informs Aditya that his sherwani is ready. Aditya asks the designer to show Kashvi some lehengas, while he checks his sherwani in the trial room. Arjun approaches Kashvi, criticizing the lehenga and the groom. Kashvi dismisses him, referencing what she told Karun.

While checking another lehenga, she questions Arjun about his involvement with Dr. Mathur, revealing she saw them together. Arjun is about to explain when he receives a call from Nitya about Kamal’s critical condition and rushes away. Aditya arrives, noticing Arjun’s departure, and accuses Arjun of locking him in the trial room.

Arjun rushes to Kamal with Dr. Mathur, who tries to administer oxygen, but Kamal succumbs to his injuries. Arjun, devastated, leaves, encountering Micky and Monty. He informs them that Kamal, his last hope, is gone, leaving him powerless to stop Aditya from marrying Kashvi. Arjun breaks down in tears.

Kashvi tells Aditya she is excited to see their family’s reactions to the gifts and tries to call them, but everyone’s phones are off. She finds a ransom note demanding 10 crores in exchange for her kidnapped family. Aditya claims to know who is behind it and suggests they go to Arjun’s house to find clues.

Dadi and Karun arrive, ready for the sangeet, but Kashvi cancels it, instructing Dadi to stay with Karun. They confront Arjun at his house, accusing him of kidnapping Kashvi’s family. Arjun, bewildered, denies the accusation.

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