Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd July 2024: Kidnapping Kashvi family

Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

**Aditya Confronts Arjun**

The episode starts with Aditya confronting Arjun, demanding to know what he did with Kashvi’s family. Arjun looks puzzled and asks what he means. Aditya accuses Arjun of kidnapping Kashvi’s family out of jealousy over their marriage, declaring that Kashvi’s family is now his family and he won’t let Arjun get away with it. Nitya intervenes, reminding Aditya that he is standing in her house and accusing her son. Aditya retorts, accusing Nitya of aiding her son in the crime.

Nitya counters, questioning why her son would kidnap Kashvi’s family and suggesting that, just as Kamal kidnapped Karun for professional rivalry, someone else might have kidnapped them for ransom. Kashvi, feeling embarrassed, asks Aditya to leave. Despite her words, Aditya insists they must investigate all possibilities and keep an eye on the suspect, Arjun.

Arjun, Nitya, and Jagdish pack tiffin for five people and leave. Aditya and Kashvi follow them to a house they’ve never seen before. Aditya knocks on the door, which a lady opens. Aditya pushes past her with Kashvi, demanding to know what’s going on.

Arjun and Nitya, caught off guard, explain that this is the home of Nitya’s friend from jail, who was recently released and is celebrating her birthday. Nitya points to a cake, inviting them to join the celebration. Kashvi, embarrassed, asks Aditya to leave. Arjun, teasing, invites them to stay for the festivities. Aditya and Kashvi leave, still suspicious.

Arjun enters a room where Keval, Romila, Micky, Monty, and Isha are hiding. He smiles, and a flashback reveals Micky’s plan to stop Kashvi’s marriage by kidnapping her family, ensuring she couldn’t marry Aditya. Monty agrees with the plan, confident it will work. In the present, Arjun thanks them but tells them they must wait to eat biryani as Aditya nearly discovered their plan.

Romila insists they let her have some biryani anyway. Micky reassures everyone, acknowledging that Arjun and Kashvi deeply love each other. Romila concurs, expressing their wish for the couple to be together. Nitya supports Arjun, agreeing with his assessment of Aditya’s character. Arjun remains resolute, confident in his understanding of Aditya’s scheming mind.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Nitya and Arjun are heading home when Nitya suggests they demand 10 crores from Kashvi to make the kidnapping seem genuine. Arjun hesitates, not wanting to trouble Kashvi. Nitya reassures him that they will accept whatever amount Kashvi offers and then return it to her. Arjun agrees reluctantly.

Meanwhile, Aditya asks Kashvi why there’s a police team at their house. Kashvi explains that she called them because she suspects her enemies are behind this. She plans to trace the ransom call. Using a voice-changing app, Arjun calls Kashvi and demands 10 crores, stating he’ll call back in an hour. He ends the call before a minute is up.

Isha jokingly suggests Arjun has a future in the kidnapping business, and Monty adds he should do it in bulk. Isha then worries about the call being traced, but Arjun assures them it can’t be traced as he tears the SIM card. The inspector confirms they couldn’t trace the call because it was too short. Kashvi asks Aditya to check the list of criminals she had previously jailed who are now out on bail. Aditya checks the list.

Kashvi returns, saying she sold her gold and broke her FDs but only managed to gather 1 crore. Aditya hands her another crore, stating that’s all he could secure. Jagdish, worried, asks Nitya why they are taking money since Arjun might get caught. Nitya insists that Arjun will be fine.

Arjun calls Kashvi again, asking if the money is ready. Kashvi says they only managed to gather 2 crores. Arjun instructs her to bring the money to the highway and ends the call.

Aditya informs her that the kidnapper agreed to 2 crores and suggests that the kidnapper might be Arjun. Kashvi, unsure, says she can’t risk confronting the kidnapper directly because her family is involved.

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