Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th July 2024: Kashvi big risk

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode starts with Kashvi questioning why she should confront the kidnapper and risk her family’s safety. Aditya offers to accompany her, but Kashvi firmly tells him to stay away from the case until she needs him. She leaves, and Aditya watches her go. Kashvi arrives at the meeting place with the ransom money. Arjun, disguised with a helmet, approaches on a bike.

He looks at her briefly before driving off. Kashvi wonders if he is the kidnapper. Arjun stops at a distance and calls Kashvi, accusing her of double-crossing him. Kashvi insists she is alone and has brought the money. Arjun warns her not to be clever, mentions seeing her fiancé in the market, and threatens to kill her family due to his interference. He hangs up, and Kashvi worries why Aditya disobeyed her instructions.

As Arjun rides away, he collides with Mahima, who drops her belongings. Arjun dismounts to help her and questions her presence. Mahima recalls a past incident where Arjun threw her out after they lost custody of Karun. She had vowed to support him, but Arjun told her to leave, stating he needed to focus on stopping Kashvi’s marriage and reclaiming his son.

Back in the present, Mahima claims to be job hunting and teases Arjun about acting like a thug. Arjun dismisses her and leaves. Mahima reveals she has a bigger plan in mind.

Kashvi finds Aditya in the market, disguised in a saree, and angrily confronts him. She scolds him for coming and jeopardizing the ransom drop, as the kidnapper didn’t take the money. Aditya explains he was worried about her, but Kashvi refuses to listen to his intentions.

Nitya calls Kashvi, asking why she brought her fiancé. Kashvi explains she came alone, but a concerned team member followed her. Nitya warns her not to bring anyone next time. Aditya overhears the call and picks up on the sound of a railway and a temple bell. He deduces their location is near Shiv ji’s temple, which has a slum area behind it.

The team heads to the slum area. Aditya enters a house and is surprised to find Mahima there. Mahima acts innocent, saying destiny brought them together. Aditya asks if she kidnapped the Sabarwal family. Mahima denies it, claiming she would never kidnap her own family and has no place to hide them.

Aditya leaves, and Mahima throws a pot in frustration. Nitya arrives and tells Mahima to drop her act. Mahima asks how her performance was, and Nitya praises her, expressing her happiness to be working with Mahima again. Mahima thanks her for their fortuitous meeting.

A flashback is shown where Mahima meets Aditya and asks for help. Aditya, skeptical, responds that he fought his own battles and doesn’t want her to take credit. However, he agrees to help one last time and gives her money. Nitya observes them together and follows Mahima to her house. When Mahima opens the door, she is surprised to see Nitya. Nitya explains that she was released from jail due to good behavior and offers to help Mahima win over Arjun, asking about her meeting with Aditya.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Mahima denies meeting him, but Nitya reveals she saw them together. Reluctantly, Mahima describes Aditya as a devil and shares everything. Nitya promises to reveal her plan later and asks Mahima to wait for her call before leaving some money with her.

In the present, Kashvi expresses her frustration about not finding her family. Aditya introduces a hacker who can trace calls even if they last less than a minute. Dadi overhears this and, visibly shaken, excuses herself to go home. Aditya grows suspicious of her behavior. Once home, Dadi drinks water and Arjun approaches her, jokingly suggesting he could stage her fake kidnapping.

Dadi declines and commends him for sharing his plans, as she would have otherwise worried. She informs Arjun that Aditya has brought in a hacker capable of tracking calls quickly and warns that Aditya might be spying on them. Arjun decides he needs to change his strategy and stay two steps ahead of Aditya.

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