Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th July 2024: Two steps ahead

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.


The episode begins with Dadi urging Arjun to sit down and eat. Arjun, however, declines, explaining that Aditya has altered his plans, necessitating their immediate departure. Unbeknownst to them, someone overhears their conversation. Arjun swiftly leaves and gathers everyone, instructing them to pack their belongings as they need to relocate to evade Aditya’s pursuit. Micky questions the urgency, prompting Arjun to reveal Aditya’s relentless efforts to track them down.

As they hastily pack, Romila queries their destination. Arjun reassures them, leading them to a newly built and secluded farmhouse, a temporary haven where they can lay low. Romila expresses delight at the luxurious surroundings, but Arjun cautions that their stay will be brief for safety reasons. Meanwhile, outside, Aditya observes their movements and resolves to outwit Arjun. Confident in his plans, Aditya vows to eliminate the entire family and frame Arjun for the deed.

Later, Nitya arrives at the deserted house, puzzled by their absence. She learns from a servant that Arjun relocated the family for security reasons. Concerned, she contacts Arjun, who explains the danger posed by Aditya’s hired hacker. He urges Nitya to join them at the farmhouse, assuring her of their safety. Relieved yet cautious, Nitya promises to arrive by evening, determined to protect her family from Aditya’s schemes.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Meanwhile, Aditya arrives at the farmhouse with his henchmen, ordering them to plant explosives. He coldly plots the demise of everyone inside, ensuring no survivors. Calculating his moves, Aditya plans to implicate Arjun in the planned disaster, convinced of his own cleverness.

Elsewhere, Kashvi anxiously awaits a call from the kidnapper. Arjun contacts her discreetly, directing her to a secure location. Despite her initial hesitation, Kashvi agrees to go alone. Observing this, Aditya smirks at Arjun’s unwitting cooperation.

Arjun, however, subtly warns Kashvi against any attempts to outsmart him, stressing the safety of her family. Their conversation ends with Kashvi realizing the kidnapper’s cunning tactics, as she contemplates the challenges ahead.

Arjun informs everyone that Aditya cannot trace the call. Nitya offers to go, but Arjun insists it is late and tells her he is staying there. He asks her to stay as well since it’s late at night. Meanwhile, the goons tell Aditya that they should begin the mining operation. Aditya replies that there’s something else that needs to be done first. He calls Arjun and requests Sailesh’s file for another task.

Arjun, about to go to bed, hesitates, but Aditya reminds him that as civil officers, they must be available 24/7. Reluctantly, Arjun agrees to bring the file. As Arjun drives off, Aditya, who is at the temple, instructs the goons to hurry up with their work, planning to make the farmhouse explosion overshadow Diwali fireworks. The goons begin setting up the explosives.

Aditya observes the goons and thinks they’re being reckless. He warns them to be careful. Hearing someone approaching, he tells the goons to hide.

Nitya, hearing noises outside, assumes it’s just a construction vehicle and goes back to sleep. Aditya threatens the goons, stating they’ll face dire consequences if they don’t complete their work correctly. Arjun arrives at Aditya’s office and calls him. Aditya, who is still outside, tells Arjun he’ll return in an hour and asks him to wait since they need to discuss a dynamite case.

Arjun settles into a chair and waits. Aditya gives money to the goons and warns that anyone who steps on the mines will trigger an explosion that will kill the Sabarwal family and destroy Arjun. He plans to head to the office and send Arjun to the farmhouse.

When Aditya arrives at the office, he finds Arjun asleep. He decides to make him more comfortable by turning on the AC and leaves, thinking that after the explosion, Arjun will end up rotting in jail for life. Shortly after, Kashvi asks the peon to bring Kamal’s file to Aditya’s cabin. She enters and sees Arjun sleeping. Concerned, she looks at him emotionally. Then she notices a call from Micky on Arjun’s mobile and is shocked.

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