Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th July 2024: Aditya shocked

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode starts with Micky calling Arjun, but Kashvi answers the call. Micky urgently asks, “Where are you? You left last night and haven’t returned. There’s nothing to eat.” Romila complains about not having tea, Isha says they’re very hungry, and Keval demands food. Kashvi hangs up, thinking she was worried for them while they seem to be having a good time.

She recalls Aditya’s claim that Arjun kidnapped them and decides to find and question them. She calls someone to trace the location of Arjun’s number.

Arjun wakes up to his phone ringing. Micky again asks Arjun to bring food quickly, saying they are starving. Arjun, confused, asks when Micky called him before. Checking his call log, he notices a previous call that lasted 20 seconds.

Realizing Kashvi must have answered, Arjun questions the peon if anyone came by. The peon mentions Kashvi had visited, shocking Arjun. He realizes Kashvi will find the location and leaves his office in a hurry.

Kashvi arrives at a farmhouse, wondering whose property it is. She gets out of her car and enters the gate. Meanwhile, Arjun also arrives and calls out for Kashvi. Nitya exits the farmhouse, noticing the messed-up lawn and the landmines with interconnected wires.

Kashvi approaches, and Nitya warns her to stop. Kashvi, thinking Nitya is trying to deceive her, accuses her of supporting her son’s lies. Nitya urgently tells her she has stepped on a landmine and instructs her to keep one foot in the air; stepping down would trigger an explosion, killing them all. Kashvi and Arjun are stunned.

Romila, Keval, and others come out of the farmhouse. Nitya warns them about the landmines. Micky and Monty offer to rescue Kashvi, but she tells them to go inside. Isha asks how long Kashvi will stand there. Kashvi replies she will stay until everyone is safe. Arjun tells Kashvi to stand still.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Kashvi angrily asks Arjun how he dared to put her family in such danger, blaming him for their predicament. Arjun insists he didn’t intend harm and explains he kidnapped them to expose Aditya and stop the wedding. He reassures her nothing will happen to them, asking her to stay strong and keep her foot lifted to prevent the interconnected mines from exploding.

He expresses his love, saying he can’t live without her. Kashvi, more concerned about her family, tells Arjun to save them, not caring about herself. As she is about to fall, Arjun catches her hand. The emotional strain is evident as they share a moment.

Arjun, determined to save everyone, calls Devansh and urgently requests the police and bomb squad to the farmhouse.

Meanwhile, Aditya, expecting an explosion, arrives at his office. He asks the peon about Arjun. The peon informs him that Arjun was there all night but left after Kashvi. Aditya is shocked, realizing Kashvi discovered everything. He panics, determined to prevent any harm from coming to her.

Nitya urges that they must act before the bomb squad arrives. Arjun, resolute, assures her he will find a solution.

Arjun instructs Micky to fetch the zipline and some dupattas from the storeroom and go upstairs. Micky returns with the zipline, tossing it to Arjun, who catches it and secures it to a tree. He then tells Micky to send Keval and Romila first. As Aditya arrives, he spots Kashvi standing on a mine and thinks Arjun will try to play the hero.

Aditya’s plan to kill the Sabarwal family and frame Arjun seems to be falling apart as he watches Arjun save everyone. Keval, Romila, Nitya, Isha, Monty, and Micky all make it to safety, sliding down the zipline with the help of the dupattas. Arjun reassures Kashvi, telling her he has saved everyone and will save her too.

The police and bomb squad arrive. Aditya pretends he brought them and questions Kashvi, accusing her of trusting Arjun against his advice. Arjun cuts the argument short, urging the bomb squad to take action. The squad explains that the landmines are interconnected and could explode if Kashvi moves her foot. Arjun, already aware of the danger, demands a solution to save her.

The bomb squad instructs the family members to leave the area, and Aditya exits with them. Arjun stays with Kashvi, praising her bravery. The bomb squad hands Kashvi a stone, telling her to place it on the mine before moving her foot. She does so, but the mine detonates. Aditya screams, “Kashu!” as Arjun manages to save her. Carrying Kashvi in his arms, he urges her to keep her eyes open, vowing not to let anything happen to her. Aditya seethes, his plan ruined by Arjun.

Back at Arjun’s house, he tends to Kashvi’s injuries, asking for her hand to apply ointment. Kashvi angrily questions how he could endanger her family like that. Arjun defends himself, saying he ensured their safety and had no knowledge of the landmines.

Kashvi remains skeptical, and Aditya sides with her. Arjun insists he would never risk his mother’s life and loves her family as his own. He explains he was nearly caught in the same situation, having gone there because Aditya called him to deliver a file. Kashvi accuses him of blaming Aditya, but Arjun clarifies that he’s not assigning blame yet, promising to uncover the true culprit.

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