Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th July 2024: Swear on Karun

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Aditya confessing to the murders of all the women. He tells Kashvi that no one can take him down, whether they are dead or alive. Arjun and Aditya struggle to snatch the gun from each other, resulting in a shot being fired. Both men fall to the ground, leaving Kashvi and Mahima in shock.

Arjun tells Kashvi he won’t stop her from doing anything and swears on Karun, urging her to come with him. Kashvi agrees and follows him. Meanwhile, Mahima confronts Aditya, reminding him she stole his shoes during his wedding and demands 1 crore as a gift. She threatens to reveal the truth to Kashvi and have him jailed if he doesn’t comply.

Arjun brings Kashvi to the scene. She warily asks if he’s done anything foolish, like kidnapping her family. Arjun assures her otherwise and points to Mahima and Aditya. He reveals that Mahima and Aditya have been conspiring together, and now it’s time for Aditya’s truth to be exposed. Arjun shows Kashvi a Bluetooth device in Mahima’s ear, connecting it to a phone so they can hear Aditya.

Aditya admits to his crimes, mocking that no one will believe them without proof. Mahima lists his misdeeds, causing him to taunt her about messing with a devil. He confesses to orchestrating all the murders, framing his mother, making Kamal flee, kidnapping Karun, planting landmines to kill the Sabarwal family, and manipulating Arjun. He declares his intention to marry Kashvi by any means necessary.

Mahima, unfazed, reveals she recorded his confession and plays it back. Aditya tries to snatch the recording, but Mahima pushes him away and runs. Aditya catches her and attempts to suffocate her. Arjun intervenes, kicking Aditya away. As Aditya recovers and prepares to attack Arjun, Kashvi arrives on the scene.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Aditya confronts Kashvi, claiming they want to trap him and break their marriage, calling them shameless and ignorant. Kashvi retorts, “What kind of man are you? You’re disgusting,” before slapping him for kidnapping Karun. Arjun hands Kashvi a chain, urging her to punish Aditya. Kashvi wraps the chain around her hand and strikes Aditya, declaring, “You’ve killed many, but you’ve never faced a mother. If I can marry you for my son, I can kill you for him too.” Nitya records the scene, pleased her plan is working and anticipating Mahima’s happiness with the money she’ll receive.

Kashvi demands to know why Aditya tried to kidnap and kill Karun, expressing her betrayal for trusting him over Arjun. Aditya pleads, professing his love, but Kashvi, resolute, says, “Today, your inhuman acts end, and I will punish you.” As Aditya begs for forgiveness, Kashvi pushes him, questioning his cruelty towards her son. Aditya grabs Kashvi’s neck, confessing his murders were for her, claiming, “You’re mine, dead or alive.” Kashvi elbows him, causing a gun to fall from his pocket. She and Arjun scramble for the gun, leading to a struggle. A shot is fired, and both fall. Aditya succumbs to his wound, while Arjun hits his head on a pillar.

Kashvi rushes to Arjun. Mahima coldly remarks that Arjun will be blamed for Aditya’s death. Kashvi insists Arjun acted in self-defense and vows to save him. Nitya, overhearing, instructs Mahima to call the police and tell the truth, signaling her to proceed with their plan.

At the hospital, the doctor informs them that Arjun’s condition is critical. Nitya, noticing Mahima, signals her and suggests getting tea and coffee for everyone. Alone, she urges Mahima to act before Arjun regains consciousness.

Mahima visits Dadi, claiming she’s there to bring clothes for Kashvi. Dadi, suspicious, questions Mahima’s sudden concern. Mahima retorts that Arjun’s hospitalization warrants her involvement, inadvertently alerting Karun. Dadi offers food, but Mahima declines, asking if Karun knows about Arjun’s dire condition.

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