Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th July 2024: Fighting till death

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Dadi questioning Mahima, asking if she’s lost her senses for discussing Arjun’s condition so carelessly in front of Karun. Mahima apologizes, saying she didn’t realize. She then receives a call from her friend Paro, who says she slipped in the bathroom. Mahima says she’ll come but then changes her mind, telling Dadi to go instead, assuring her she’ll stay with Karun. Dadi leaves, and Mahima goes to Karun.

Karun asks what she said about his dad. Mahima explains that Arjun is injured and in the hospital, wanting to see him before he fainted. Karun remembers something different. Mahima asks if he wants to visit his dad, and Karun eagerly agrees. Mahima takes him to the City Hospital. Once there, Karun insists on seeing his dad, but Mahima tells him kids aren’t allowed and to wait in the waiting area while she goes in.

While waiting, Karun overhears Kashvi talking to Nitya, saying she’ll never let Karun meet Arjun. She reveals that she used a voice artist to impersonate Arjun, making Karun hate his dad. Nitya questions her actions, noting that Arjun took a bullet for her.

Kashvi admits she wants Arjun jailed and kept away from her and Karun, willing to do anything to keep her son with her. Karun realizes his mother’s deceit and runs to see his dad, but a nurse stops him.

Kashvi arrives and asks what’s wrong, but Karun angrily says he doesn’t want to see her. Nitya appears, and Karun runs to her, expressing his desire to stay with her. Nitya tells him they’ll meet in court the next day.

At the family court, the judge asks Karun about his decision. Nitya brings him forward, and the judge explains the concept of divorce to Karun. Karun asks if he can divorce his mother because he doesn’t want to stay with her anymore, revealing her plan to separate him from his dad. The judge allows him to speak, and Karun declares that his mother isn’t good, having manipulated him to hate his dad. He firmly states his wish to stay with his dad.

Dadi and Kashvi follow Karun outside the court. Kashvi, desperate, asks, “Karun, why did you say I lied to you and provoked you?” Karun angrily responds, “I hate you.” Dadi intervenes, saying, “She is your mother. Tell us what happened.” Kashvi’s lawyer appears and urges her to speak up. The judge dismisses Karun’s accusations, considering his minor status.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Yeh Hai Chahatein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

However, Mahima’s lawyer seizes the moment, branding Kashvi as an unfit mother and a criminal who murdered Aditya. He presents a pendrive as evidence. Kashvi vehemently denies, “I didn’t kill Aditya.” The video on the pendrive shows Kashvi shooting Aditya, but in a flashback, Nitya is seen plotting with Mahima to impersonate Kashvi using a mask and fake the murder.

The flashback ends with Mahima’s lawyer reiterating Kashvi’s guilt, leaving her in shock. Kashvi’s lawyer argues that Aditya had kidnapped Karun, but the judge insists that Kashvi should have reported the crime instead of taking the law into her own hands. He suspends her and orders her immediate arrest, granting Karun’s custody to his father. Kashvi is taken away in handcuffs.

Arjun regains consciousness in the hospital and groggily asks Nitya, “Where am I?” Nitya, feigning concern, replies, “We were so worried. Someone is here to surprise you.” Karun enters, and Nitya announces triumphantly, “Karun will stay with us; we won the custody case.

” Confused, Arjun asks Karun, “Why didn’t you choose Kashvi Mamma?” Karun, influenced by overhearing Nitya and Mahima’s conversation, declares, “I hate her. She lied to you and provoked me.” Arjun, disbelieving, insists, “Kashvi can’t do this. I will talk to her.” Nitya dismissively tells him to spend time with Karun, leaving Arjun emotionally torn. Alone with Karun, Arjun wonders, “Where is Kashvi? Why didn’t she come to see me?”

Raunaq Sir informs Arjun that Kashvi has been jailed for Aditya’s murder, showing a video of her allegedly shooting Aditya. Arjun, distraught, exclaims, “What recording? Kashvi didn’t kill Aditya!” Raunaq Sir reveals she will be transferred to jail today. Overcome with grief, Arjun cries, lamenting, “Why is our chahatein (destiny) left incomplete?”

A tense standoff unfolds as police confront terrorists holding hostages. The terrorists demand 50 crore. A brave officer volunteers to go in, requesting a bulletproof jacket. Suddenly, Kashvi steps forward, determined, saying, “I will go inside.”

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