Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd July 2024: Dadi Harsh Prediction

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Armaan arguing with Dadi. He says, “You have made Abhira’s life difficult, but she is my life. If you hurt her, you’re hurting me.” He storms out. Meanwhile, Abhira stands in the rain, worried. Armaan brings an umbrella for her, but she steps away, thinking, “Why did he come here?” He hires a rickshaw and tells the driver to take Abhira.

The driver responds, “It’s a shared auto, Sir. You should sit too.” Armaan receives a call, “The hearing is in 20 minutes, I’m coming.” The driver insists he sits, and another man joins the auto. As the man jostles Armaan, he ends up holding Abhira.

The song “Dilon ke Mohalle” plays. Abhira’s hair gets caught in Armaan’s shirt, and he gently says, “I’ll free it.” The driver comments, “Bhabhi ji looks upset, did you have a fight?” Abhira retorts, “I don’t know him, just drive.”

Ruhi fixes Akshu’s broken frame and says, “I got this fixed, but I haven’t forgiven her. I can’t stand to see her face,” and leaves. Abhira, contemplating her career, thinks, “My career is starting today, how do I begin?” She notices Armaan. A man asks Armaan to take his case, but Armaan says, “I don’t have time, meet me at the office tomorrow.

” The man, Suraj, retorts, “This is my desk,” and blocks Abhira. She asks, “Where will I get my desk and clients?” Suraj cynically replies, “Clients aren’t prasad to distribute. You’ll have to request people to take their cases. Maybe you’ll get a client, a desk in 10-12 years, and an office in 20.” Sanjay, a superstar, enters, attracting attention. He acknowledges Abhira briefly and leaves. Abhira recalls Dadi’s words.

Armaan watches, remembering his father Madhav’s words. He thinks, “Dad was right. I had cases because of the family firm’s support. Abhira has nothing, not even her mom. How will she manage alone?” Abhira tries to gather clients but is ignored.

A woman asks about her age and experience before walking away. A couple approaches, asking if she can handle their court marriage. Abhira inquires, “Do your parents know you’ve eloped?” The girl insists, “We love each other.” Abhira gives them a lecture, and they leave.

Madhav is talking with his colleagues when Vidya arrives with tea. The inspector makes a joke, causing Vidya to drop the tea and burn her hand. Madhav rushes to her aid, scolding her gently, “You should have let someone else bring the tea.

” The inspector comments, “He loves you a lot. You should convince him not to go on this dangerous mission; risking his life isn’t always necessary.” The officers agree and encourage Vidya to talk to him before leaving.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Madhav insists, “There’s no need to explain.” Vidya pleads, “Think about me, don’t go.” He replies, “I came back for you. You can’t even cross this line.” She retorts, “You came back on Abhira’s insistence.” He explains, “Yes, but it was for you. She always thinks of you.

What did you do? Maasa insulted her, Armaan defended her, and you stayed silent, scared of Maasa.” She argues, “You want to risk your life, but you won’t go.” He responds, “It’s my duty. Only Abhira worries for me. If I don’t return from this mission, take care of her.” He leaves.

Abhira, struggling to get a case, prays for one. A man approaches her, saying, “My wife’s bicycle was stolen, and I believe my neighbor took it. Will you fight my case?” Abhira, thrilled, thanks him and promises, “I will fight and win your case.

Tell me all the details.” Nearby, Armaan captures this moment in a picture, recalling how he directed the man to Abhira, saying, “She will win your case and get you a new bicycle. If not, come to me, and I’ll handle it for free.” The man had nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Manish notices Ruhi’s phone ringing with a call from her therapist. He wonders, “Is she going for counseling again?” He asks Ruhi about it.

She debates whether to tell him but ultimately confides, “It’s like a dream, my strength is fading.” He reassures her, “You’re brave, don’t lose courage.” He prays for her well-being, silently vowing not to forgive Armaan.

Abhira returns home, singing happily, and notices men working. She inquires, “What are you doing?” They reply, “We’re doing earthing work.” Elsewhere, Vidya is determined to prevent Madhav from going on the mission and feels lost on whom to confide in.

She decides to call Madhav. Suddenly, Abhira spots a chandelier about to fall over Vidya. Remembering Dadi’s words, she rushes inside, pushing Vidya away just in time. The chandelier crashes to the ground, and both Vidya and Abhira fall to safety.

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