Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 10th July 2024: Falls over Sajeeri

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 10th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode opens with Sachi claiming the mangalsutra, declaring it rightfully hers as Shivam was going to make her wear it. Sajeeri protests, asserting Shivam is her husband. Sachi reveals Shivam’s messages to her, mistaking her for Sajeeri, and accuses Sajeeri of stealing everything from her. Sajeeri is devastated and asks Shivam if what Sachi said is true. Shivam remains silent, prompting Sachi to challenge Sajeeri to fight for her rights.

Distraught, Sajeeri places the mangalsutra down and leaves in tears. Nalini witnesses Sajeeri’s distress and consoles her, but Sajeeri expresses her belief that Shivam loves Sachi, not her. Nalini tries to reassure her, but Sajeeri feels betrayed and misunderstood by everyone.

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Meetha Khatta Pyaar Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Meanwhile, Sachi confronts Shivam, demanding he profess his love and make her wear the mangalsutra. Shivam takes the mangalsutra but instead confesses that Sachi is right; he loves her. Sachi is overjoyed, and Shivam suggests they leave together. As they head out, they encounter Sajeeri and Nalini at the door.

Nalini desperately calls out to Shivam to stop, urging Sajeeri to trust her. Sajeeri, torn by the situation, decides not to come between Shivam and Sachi if they wish to be together. She begins packing her bags, resigned to leaving.

Outside, Shivam and Sachi discuss their future. Sachi believes they should marry at the temple, but Shivam hesitates, explaining his family won’t accept their relationship. Despite Sachi’s optimism about convincing Shivam’s grandmother, Shivam insists his mother favors Sajeeri and would never accept Sachi. Feeling trapped, Shivam suggests a drastic action — they should die together rather than face separation.

Aaji and others arrive just as Shivam prepares to act on his drastic plan. Aaji pleads with him to stop, shocked by his behavior. As tension mounts, an electric pole starts falling towards them. Shivam, consumed by despair, insists they die together under the pole, but Sachi bites his hand and runs away in fear.

In a dramatic turn, Sajeeri rushes in and pushes Shivam aside just as the pole falls, landing on her instead. Shivam and everyone else are horrified. He rushes to Sajeeri’s side, asking if she’s okay. Aaji demands answers, wanting to know what led to this chaotic situation.

Sachi asked anxiously, “Are you okay, Shivam? I was scared.” He retorted, “You ran away. You left me to die alone. Just like that day, you ran away because you’re selfish. You can’t love anyone. This was all a plan to expose your true nature.” Sachi pleaded, “No, I love you.” But Shivam cut her off sharply, telling her to shut up. He praised Sajeeri, who had come to save him without hesitation, saying, “This is the difference between you two. Thanks to you, I met Sajeeri. I’ve understood now who I truly love and who loves me sincerely.”

Shivam declared that Sajeeri deserved the mangalsutra, acknowledging, “Mom chose the right girl for me. Sajeeri is perfect.” Addressing his grandmother, he continued, “Grandma, I know you don’t approve of Sajeeri. But if one wants a peaceful life, it’s not about dressing sense, it’s about a clean heart. Sajeeri has a pure heart. Trust me, Grandma, I’ll be happy with Sajeeri. Will you be with me?” His grandmother nodded in agreement.

Sharad interrupted, announcing that the taxi had arrived for Sachi. Shivam told Sajeeri, “I’ve started loving you too.” Sharad urged Sachi to come, and Priya mentioned that her bags were ready. Sajeeri bid farewell to Sachi without asking why she did what she did, advising her to cherish their friendship and not betray it. Sachi left.

Shivam then lightened the mood, saying, “All’s well that ends well. But there’s one important thing to do.” Sajeeri asked what it was, and Shivam made her wear the mangalsutra. Sharad playfully insisted that Sajeeri should say “I love you” to Shivam. Shivam teased, “She already told me.” Sajeeri denied it, prompting Shivam to reveal their conversation, which made everyone laugh.

Grandma remarked, “Now I’m certain that Sajeeri deserves to be Mukadam’s Bahu.” Nalini asked how, and Grandma explained, “Because I proposed to Shivam’s grandfather first.” Adarsh chimed in, “And Mandira proposed to me first.” Shivam and Sajeeri exchanged smiles. Sajeeri finally said, “I love you” sincerely. Shivam replied, “I love you too.” The room filled with smiles as Shivam added, “I love you all.”

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