Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 9th July 2024: Sajeeri takes the spiked tea

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 9th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Sajeeri avoiding drinking her tea and rushing to the kitchen. Aaji sends Sachi to check if Sajeeri had the tea. Sachi goes and sees an empty teacup, then smiles and signals Aaji. Aaji remarks that Sajeeri will fall asleep soon. Nalini asks Sajeeri to go and get ready, but Sajeeri feels sleepy. Sachi comments, “I don’t think she will come back,” and Aaji tells her to go get ready instead.

Sachi smiles while Sajeeri falls asleep. Meanwhile, Shivam steps out and calls for her, waiting patiently. He tries calling her, but she’s still asleep. Aaji advises, “It’s not a good idea to take her,” and asks Sachi where she is going. Sachi replies, “I’m getting bored, I thought of going out with Sajeeri, but she’s asleep.” Shivam, confused, says, “We had to go to an event.

” Nalini offers to wake Sajeeri up, but Aaji insists there’s no need and suggests Sachi go with Shivam instead. Sachi agrees, “Okay, I have no problem.” Shivam initially resists, “I don’t want to go, I’m cancelling it.” Aaji reprimands him, “Why? It’s a good business opportunity. Are you cancelling because of Sajeeri? Fine, I’ll go.

” Shivam relents, “Okay, I’ll go with Sachi.” Aaji reassures, “You won’t regret it, go.” Sachi encourages Shivam to come along, while Nalini prays. Suddenly, Sajeeri wakes up and stops Sachi. Nalini smiles as they see Mandira sleeping.

Sajeeri recalls seeing Sachi spike the laddoos and the tea, with Mandira consuming it despite her warnings. She wonders why Sachi added sleeping medicine to the tea. Flashback ends. Shivam asks Sajeeri, “Why didn’t you answer my calls?” She apologizes, “Sorry, it was on silent. Sachi, I’ll come with you tomorrow; I need to go with Shivam now.

” Nalini applies a black dot to ward off evil and Shivam compliments Sajeeri. As they leave, Sajeeri is deep in thought, wondering about Sachi’s intentions and her own relationship with Shivam.

Upon returning home, Sajeeri feels happy with Shivam’s support but is lost in her thoughts. She says, “I like it when you are with me.” He helps her, and Sachi observes, thinking, “I have a right to this mangalsutra, it will be around my neck.” Sajeeri approaches Sachi, who is packing her bags. Sachi says, “I can’t stay here for long, or people will think I’m your Sautan.

” Sajeeri cries, and Sachi continues, “It’s time for my flight. We are best friends.” Sajeeri, unsure of what to say, offers Sachi her favorite snacks. Sachi hugs her and secretly takes her mangalsutra. After Sajeeri leaves, Sachi puts on the mangalsutra and vows, “I will take my rights on Shivam. I will tell him I’m leaving forever.”

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Meetha Khatta Pyaar Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

As Sajeeri searches for her mangalsutra, Shivam hears someone crying and goes to the storeroom. He finds Sachi hurt and immediately worries. Sachi manipulates, “I knew it, you care for me. Sajeeri is just your responsibility. Trust me.” She hugs him, but Sajeeri calls out for Sachi.

Shivam pushes Sachi away, demanding, “What’s this madness?” Sachi pleads, “Sorry for not understanding you. You didn’t wait for me and married Sajeeri. Why punish yourself?” He tells her to stop, but she insists, “You have a namesake marriage with Sajeeri.

Please accept me.” She tries to make him put on the mangalsutra, but Shivam is shocked and rejects her. Sachi declares, “I’ll tell everyone we love each other and want to marry. I forgot the sindoor.” She forces him to fill her maang, but he throws the sindoor, which lands on Sajeeri. Sajeeri witnesses everything, stunned.

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