Pandya Store 18th May 2024: Naveli Shocked

Pandya Store 18th May 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode opens with Naveli expressing her confusion, feeling unloved, and questioning her mother’s identity. Amba, in a moment of frustration, confirms that Bittu is Naveli’s mother, leading to Naveli’s outburst against Pranali for allegedly lying to her. Pranali rushes to comfort Naveli as everyone else, including Amba in a ghost costume, gathers around.

Dolly points out Amba’s outfit, revealing the source of the scare. Amba, startled, claims to have no memory of her actions. Naveli accuses Amba of deceit, claiming Amba previously told her that Bittu is her real mother, not Pranali. Shantanu and Tai arrive, adding to the commotion.

Pranali, upset by Amba’s disclosure, admits she intended to reveal the truth to Naveli at the appropriate time. As Naveli persistently questions her parentage, Pranali denies the claim, hugging Naveli for reassurance. Hetal advises Naveli to rest, and Tai and Shantanu discuss the implications of Naveli being Bittu’s daughter.

Amidst the chaos, Dhawal confronts Amba for her actions, accusing her of trying to frighten Natasha. Naveli, confused, asks if Natasha is Bittu, to which Amba denies. Dhawal, emotional, confirms Natasha’s identity as Naveli’s mother, leading to a tearful reunion between Natasha, Dhawal, and Naveli.

Pranali tries to soothe Naveli, reaffirming her role as Naveli’s mother, though Naveli remains skeptical, believing Bittu to be her true mother. Natasha and Dhawal, overwhelmed, share a poignant moment of realization and acceptance.

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Natasha exclaims, “I’m not Bittu, I’m Mumma!” She joyfully jumps on the bed, crying tears of happiness. Dhawal silently exits. Pranali sadly remarks, “Natasha has left us.” Naveli asks, “Why?” Pranali replies, “I am your Yashoda Maiyya.” Naveli questions, “If you aren’t my mom, then Bhaven isn’t my dad, who is my real dad? Tell me.” They notice Dhawal standing at the door. Pranali embraces Naveli, crying, “I don’t know. I felt the joy of becoming a mother.

I am your mother.” Naveli insists, “No, I will stay with Bittu. She is my real mom.” Dhawal leaves. Shantanu puts Natasha to sleep. Tai comforts Shantanu. He shares, “I don’t want to be torn between choices. I only know I love Bittu and can’t abandon her in this condition. I don’t know Natasha, but we are her family. We can’t abandon her and leave.

Think about it, what happened that she left her newborn baby. She was scared and in torn clothes when I met her. If this is her family, then why didn’t they come to find her?” Dhawal looks at Amrish’s picture and reflects on his feelings. He admits, “I used to hate Natasha. I have wronged Naveli and Natasha. I have punished them for my guilt. I felt I should hug Natasha and apologize to her.”

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