Pandya Store 25th May 2024: Bonding Over Naveli

Pandya Store 25th May 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The scene unfolds as Chirag steps into the room, greeted by Dolly’s embrace. She expresses her desire for another child, despite concerns echoing through the household. Dolly, consumed by her own aspirations, believes that focusing on their own needs is paramount. With a silent determination, she harbors hopes of bearing a son, hoping it will grant her influence over the family.

Meanwhile, Naveli, Dhawal, and Natasha awaken. Naveli finds solace in Natasha’s embrace, while Dhawal yearns for Naveli to acknowledge him as her father. However, Naveli remains steadfast in her belief that Bhaven is her true father, dismissing Dhawal’s claims. As Natasha affirms her role as a mother, Dhawal reinforces their familial bond, albeit with a hint of uncertainty.

As the morning hustle ensues, Pranali urges them to prepare for school, prompting Naveli to plead with Dhawal to keep her friend close. Dhawal assures her, promising her friend’s presence while instructing Naveli to get ready. Yet, Pranali’s reprimand falls upon Dhawal as she laments her lost maternal connection with Naveli.

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In a moment of confrontation, Dhawal defends his actions, admitting to not disclosing Naveli’s true parentage. He acknowledges Pranali’s care for Naveli but condemns her allegiance to Shantanu. Unwavering in her devotion to Naveli, Pranali vows to protect her daughter at any cost, even if it means facing legal battles.

Elsewhere, Naveli seeks refuge with Mittu, who hastily departs to settle a bill, leaving her alone. Desperate, she contacts Dhawal from Mittu’s phone, claiming Mittu brought her home and threatens to take her away if they don’t intervene. Dhawal, accompanied by Natasha, concocts a plan to retrieve Naveli, seeking Shantanu’s reluctant permission under the guise of secrecy. With Natasha’s hand in his, they embark on their covert mission, bound by the fragile threads of familial obligation and deception.

They arrive home and call out for Naveli, who responds promptly. Dhawal notices the locked door and Naveli pleads for his help. Breaking through the barrier, they find themselves locked in a room by Naveli, who implores them to reconcile. She then heads off to school, leaving Dhawal and Natasha alone. Natasha bounces onto the bed, triggering a flood of memories for Dhawal, who breaks down in tears. Comforting him, Natasha probes about her whereabouts and what occurred. Apologizing, Dhawal embraces her, showing her photos on his phone to jog her memory of their past together.

Inquiring if anything comes to mind, Natasha glimpses a picture of Amrish, sending shockwaves through her as she remembers his demise. Uttering “Mots,” she begins to unravel emotionally, prompting Dhawal to console her. As the memories flood back, Natasha becomes increasingly agitated, hurling objects in distress. Naveli and Mittu enter the scene, bewildered by the chaos and questioning their presence. Dhawal urges Mittu to fetch a doctor as Natasha, overwhelmed, cries out and collapses. Desperately, Dhawal pleads for her to regain consciousness, his anguish palpable.

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