Pandya Store 20th May 2024: Natasha Sees Mittu

Pandya Store 20th May 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Natasha arriving at the Pandya house and being welcomed by Naveli. Natasha expresses her desire to sleep, and Naveli agrees, so they settle down for the night. Meanwhile, Taai and Shantanu search for Bittu in the house, calling out his name.

At the dining table, Dhawal and the family are having dinner. Amba apologizes for the previous night’s incident and tries to explain herself, but Dhawal refuses to engage in a conversation with her.

Pranali arrives and informs everyone that Naveli is missing from her room, blaming Amba for telling Naveli the truth, which led to her disappearance. Concerned, she wonders if Naveli has been kidnapped. Chirag tries to reassure her, but Pranali is frantic.

Taai and Shantanu also join the search for Bittu, adding to the tension in the house. Meanwhile, Mittu prepares food, which catches the attention of Natasha and Naveli. They sneakily approach the table, hiding behind it, and steal some pakodas, giggling as they enjoy their snack.

Shantanu, increasingly agitated by Bittu’s absence, confronts Dhawal angrily, blaming him for the situation. Dhawal tries to calm the situation, but Shantanu threatens to call the police and accuses Dhawal of being afraid that he will take Bittu away.

Dhawal insists on accompanying Shantanu to the police station, revealing that Natasha and Naveli are also missing, and he has a right to know their whereabouts. Shantanu, unmoved by Dhawal’s words, decides to go to the police station, and everyone rushes to follow him.

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Natasha suggests getting bread. They enjoy the dhokla and bread. Mittu notices the missing pakodas and wonders if he ate them. Perplexed, he searches for the dhokla and bread, even conversing with Suman’s picture. Natasha suddenly gets hiccups. Dhawal talks to the inspector as everyone searches for Natasha and Naveli.

Pranali cries for Naveli, claiming she raised her like Yashoda raising Krishna. Hetal starts packing Naveli’s toys and pictures, but Pranali stops her, calling Bhaven and declaring her intent to find Naveli herself. Amba advises her against it, fearing Dhawal’s scolding.

Mittu unexpectedly finds Natasha and Naveli and reacts with shock. He screams, startling them. Mittu, crying, asks who they are. Naveli introduces herself, and Natasha reveals she’s Naveli’s mother. Mittu emotionally hugs Natasha, accusing her of leaving him alone.

Natasha pinches him, telling him to back off. Mittu then realizes Naveli is his niece. Dhawal arrives, witnessing the scene. Mittu, confused, asks for an explanation, unable to comprehend Natasha’s condition. Dhawal, too, is puzzled, wanting answers himself.

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