Pandya Store 22nd May 2024: Natasha Thanks

Pandya Store 22nd May 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Naveli surprising Dhawal with a kiss. Natasha then asks him to stop the car so they can get ice cream. Naveli agrees, saying they all want some. Dhawal invites them to come along. Meanwhile, Bhaven consoles Pranali, urging her to stop crying.

Pranali confesses her love for Naveli, considering her like her own child. Amba remarks that Naveli has left Dhawal and run to her real mother.

Later, Dhawal notices Natasha and Naveli enjoying kulfi and decides to leave. Amba questions Dhawal on how he plans to keep Naveli with him when Natasha and Naveli are staying together. Dolly optimistically suggests that everything will work out once Naveli and Natasha come home. Dhawal eventually brings them home, where Pranali separates Natasha from Naveli. Pranali then hugs Naveli, expressing her fear and asking her to promise never to leave like that again.

Natasha asserts, “Dhawal promised we could stay together in this house.” Natasha and Naveli joyfully dance, catching Dhawal’s smile. Shantanu overhears Natasha’s words. Amba observes, “I see the old Dhawal in you today.” Pranali firmly tells Bhaven, “We won’t remain here; I won’t let Naveli be taken away.” Spotting Natasha, Shantanu and Tai rush towards her, but Dhawal intercepts Shantanu. Amba advises Pranali to think strategically.

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Pranali instructs Naveli to inspect her new toys. Naveli playfully threatens, “I’ll escape if I need more toys.” Pranali admonishes her, and they share a warm hug. Pranali addresses Dhawal, “You and Natasha can reconcile, fight, or do as you wish, but I am Naveli’s mother; you gave her to me, and you cannot take her back now.” Hetal enters with a lawyer, indicating a serious turn of events. She tells Pranali, “You have a lot to understand.”

Amba inquires, “Have you decided on the house division?” Hetal responds confidently, “What division? The property already belongs to me.” Amba reassures Pranali, “No one can separate Naveli from you. You’ve raised her for 7 years.” She adds, “Natasha wasn’t here, so Dhawal and Natasha’s marriage will be cancelled. Pranali has to testify in court that Natasha’s mental state isn’t stable.” Amba then instructs Shantanu, “Take Bittu and leave.

” She declares, “Bittu will be yours.” Shantanu acknowledges, “Tai, even Bappa wants this. He has ensured justice.” He tells Bittu, “Come with me.” Shantanu expresses gratitude, “Thank you for letting us stay here. Please allow us to leave now.” Natasha pleads, “Naveli…” Shantanu assures, “We will come back to meet her. Come with me.” He then taunts Dhawal before departing.

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