Pandya Store 23rd May 2024: Gratitude and Farewell

Pandya Store 23rd May 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Pranali desperately trying to stop Naveli from going to Natasha. Naveli insists, “Bittu is my real mum, I will go to her.” Natasha refuses, saying, “I won’t go back.” Shantanu urges, “We can’t stay here, try to understand.” Natasha pleads, “Take my friend along, please, I want to stay here.” Shantanu insists, “Get her outside, the taxi has arrived.” Natasha resists, “No.” Pranali intervenes, “I understand what you are going through.

” Meanwhile, Dhawal notices a bite mark on his hand and cries. Chirag arrives and remarks, “I know you’re hiding behind this mask of hatred, which is why you brought Natasha back into this house.” Tai adds, “Shantanu will get gifts for you, we’ll go shopping and come back to Naveli.” Natasha objects, “No, tell him, he took the bag.

” Shantanu comments, “At least someone here understands others’ pain.” Pranali confesses, “I also have a motive. I have raised Naveli for 7 years as her Yashoda Maa. I can’t lose her. I know what Bittu means to you. I can help you take her away.”

Dhawal reflects, “Life keeps testing me. I had to choose between my family and Natasha, and she left me forever.” He remembers returning home to find the baby crying and calling out for Natasha, only to be told by Hetal that Natasha had left the baby and opted for freedom.

Dhawal expresses his disbelief, calling out to Natasha and emphasizing Naveli’s need for her. Frantically searching for her, he recalls his efforts and prayers, feeling as though he’s been cursed by Suman. Regretfully, he admits to not being able to love Naveli, leading him to entrust her to Pranali and Bhaven.

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Pranali confronts Dhawal about giving sleeping pills to Natasha and insists that he must now take Bittu away to another city, leaving Naveli with her. However, Dhawal, fearing the loss of another loved one, expresses his desire to keep Natasha with him and Naveli, forming a family. Overcome with emotion, he is comforted by Chirag as they both grieve the situation.

Later, Pranali approaches Shantanu, suggesting they take advantage of the sleeping household. As Shantanu carries Natasha, Naveli wakes up, prompting Dhawal to intervene. He demands to know where they are taking Natasha, questioning Shantanu’s right to do so.

Shantanu argues that he has cared for Natasha for seven years and is now engaged to her. Dhawal accuses Pranali of siding against the family, but she defends her actions, claiming she is trying to protect Naveli.

Natasha, dreaming of playing with Bittu, wakes up crying and calling out for him, disturbing the household. Dhawal asserts that he will always have a connection with Natasha as Naveli’s mother and his own love interest, causing Naveli to question her parentage.

Pranali reassures Naveli that she is her mother and that Bhaven is her father. When Naveli asks Dhawal for confirmation, Chirag confirms that Dhawal is indeed her father.

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