Pandya Store 24th May 2024: Natasha Wakes to Scene

Pandya Store 24th May 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Pranali slapping Chirag and scolding him for revealing everything to Naveli. “You didn’t consider what she would go through. I’m Naveli’s mother; I didn’t expect this from you,” she says before leaving.

Shantanu, unaware of the family’s issues, declares, “I’m taking my Bittu home,” and begins dragging Natasha away. She resists, asking him to let go. Suddenly, Naveli faints, and Dhawal catches her. Natasha stops and rushes back to Naveli, urging Dhawal to call a doctor and pleading with Naveli to wake up.

Dhawal implores, “At least stay for Naveli’s sake. She and Natasha don’t know what’s happening. We need to explain, or they’ll never cope. I’m begging you.” Naveli regains consciousness, and Natasha hugs her, assuring, “I’m here.” Dhawal guides Naveli away, with Natasha following.

Pranali, in a fit of rage, breaks things and confronts Bhaven, “You should have supported me today.” She scolds and hits him. Bhaven protests, “Stop it! Naveli is Natasha and Dhawal’s daughter, not ours.” Pranali, furious, retorts, “You may be selfish, but I won’t let Naveli go.” Dhawal, observing Naveli, assures, “Ask Shanu to bring back our Bittu.” Dhawal promises to explain to her not to leave, and Pranali smiles in relief.

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Tai says to Bittu, “We should go home.” Natasha falls asleep. Believing Natasha is asleep, Tai lies down to rest. Natasha quietly gets up and leaves the room. Flashback shows Naveli making a doll while thinking of Pranali. Pranali enters and says, “This doll is beautiful, just like you.

” Flashback ends. Pranali sits, crying. Dhawal tells Naveli to sleep. She retorts, “Why do you always scold me? You never loved me.” He apologizes and says, “I’m sorry. I bought toys for you.”

He shows her the toys. Naveli is delighted and starts playing. Natasha enters and asks for the toys. She trips and falls on Dhawal, who catches her. They share a moment. He says, “Take the toys, Natasha.” Naveli suggests, “We will play with them in the morning.

Come and sleep.” Natasha insists, “I want to sit by Dhawal’s side.” She moves Dhawal and lies next to him. Dhawal takes care of both Naveli and Natasha before falling asleep himself.

Pranali walks in and sees them together. Hetal remarks, “Pranali, you will suffer like I did. Can’t you see? Your Naveli is drifting away from you. She won’t even remember you. Will you support me?” Pranali replies, “I will do anything for my Naveli.” They embrace.

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