Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 21st June 2024: Exclusive jewellery

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 21st June 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Aaji showing everyone the ancestral necklace. She says, “My Sasumaa gave this necklace to me and instructed that it should go to someone deserving. Nalini was never worthy of it, but who knows, maybe my grandson’s wife will be.

” Anjali, feeling insulted, instructs Nalini to keep the jewelry in the puja and locks the necklace in the safe. Sajeeri and Nalini prepare for the puja and discuss the kada. Sajeeri mentions the temple walls’ paint is peeling, and Nalini says she called a painter, but he hasn’t come yet. Sajeeri goes to fetch paint from the storeroom.

Meanwhile, someone steals the necklace from Aaji’s room. Sajeeri notices the open cupboard and shuts it. Anjali arrives and becomes suspicious of Sajeeri, who accidentally drops the paint and decides to clean it later. Mandira, hiding nearby, takes the necklace and leaves.

Later, Aaji goes to her room to get the necklace but finds the box empty. She shouts, asking where the necklace has gone. Nalini suggests it might have fallen. Aaji demands that they find it immediately.

Everyone searches for the necklace. Aaji recalls showing it to everyone and suspects it might be stolen. She questions Nalini and Anjali if they took it, but Anjali denies. Aaji, now furious, threatens to call the police to uncover the truth. Anjali accuses Sajeeri, claiming she saw her entering Aaji’s room. Aaji scolds Sajeeri and orders Anjali to search her. Anjali checks Sajeeri, who cries and insists she didn’t steal the necklace. Shivam and Nalini feel sorry for her.

Shivam recalls her words. Nalini insists Sajeeri isn’t a thief. Vikram suggests she might have been tempted by the expensive necklace. Sajeeri protests, “I didn’t steal it, you can check my room if you want.” Aaji agrees, “We will check it.

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Meetha Khatta Pyaar Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

” Anjali adds, “Did she give it to her family?” Sajeeri, upset, responds, “You can blame me, but not my mum and Mausi. How can I make you believe me?” Aaji instructs Shivam to call Sajeeri’s family. Shivam hesitates, “Her mum is a heart patient.” Aaji, impatient, says, “My BP is getting high; I could have an attack.

Call them.” Sajeeri pleads, “No, you’re mistaken, please.” Aaji retorts, “This is my family, even the servants are long-time members. You’re the only new one here; of course we’ll suspect you. Come.” Sajeeri begs, “Give me one chance to prove myself.

This paint fell from my hands; we can follow the footprints and find the necklace.” Aaji mocks, “You want to play detective again?” Shivam intervenes, “Let her do what she wants. She was right last time.” They follow the footprints, leading them to Mandira’s room.

Adarsh reacts, “Our room?” Mandira defensively says, “I didn’t steal the necklace. I knew I’d be blamed.” Sajeeri apologizes, “Sorry, but your slipper will also have the paint mark.” They see paint on Mandira’s slipper. Adarsh signals Mandira. She protests, “Aaji, I didn’t steal the necklace.” Aaji instructs Priya and Anjali to search the room.

Adarsh warns, “If you’ve stolen the necklace, we’ll run away.” Mandira, worried, watches as Anjali finds the necklace and shows it to Aaji. Aaji demands, “What’s this?” Mandira, panicking, says, “Aaji…” Anjali unfolds the cloth to reveal some pearl beads. Mandira thinks, “Where did the necklace go? I kept it here.”

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