Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 22nd June 2024: Anjali Uncovers Pearls

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 22nd June 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Mandira lying to Aaji, insisting she didn’t steal the necklace and that Sajeeri is falsely accusing her out of revenge. Mandira cries as Adarsh comforts her. Aaji turns to Sajeeri and asks for her explanation.

Sajeeri vows to find the necklace, with Priya and Sharad urging Aaji to give Sajeeri a chance. Aaji declares she doesn’t want any drama during the puja and demands the necklace be found before the auspicious time, threatening to send Sajeeri back to her Maayka if she fails. Sajeeri promises to find the necklace and clear her name.

Aaji instructs Nalini to prepare for the puja, stating that Sajeeri can only attend if she finds the necklace; otherwise, Shivam must take her to her Maayka forever. Everyone disperses, and Sajeeri pleads with Shivam to trust her, but he refuses, citing past incidents. Sajeeri begins searching for the necklace desperately, with Nalini expressing her support and concern.

Nalini and Priya continue with the puja preparations, with Priya asking Mandira to assist in the kitchen. Mandira opts to oversee the decorations instead. Priya instructs the servants to hurry, unaware that the necklace is hidden in a flour box.

Aaji, frustrated, threatens to file a police complaint against Sajeeri. Sajeeri, after searching everywhere, prays to Bappa and gets an idea from a newspaper article about a caught thief. Realizing Mandira had chutney stains on her clothes, she rushes to check the kitchen. Meanwhile, the pandit arrives, and Aaji informs him about the ancestral necklace being essential for the puja. The pandit insists on the necklace, but Aaji decides they will apologize and proceed.

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Meetha Khatta Pyaar Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

As a servant kneads the flour, she finds the necklace, injuring her hand in the process. Sajeeri spots the necklace in the flour, rushes to retrieve it, and falls, spilling flour over herself. She finally picks up the necklace.

Sajeeri declares that she found the necklace, prompting everyone to rush over. Nalini asks what is happening. Mandira silently wonders how the necklace appeared there. Nalini praises Sajeeri, saying she wouldn’t let the puja be incomplete and found the necklace just in time, calling her the best daughter-in-law. Aaji interjects, accusing Sajeeri of being a thief. She berates Nalini for her naivety, arguing that only a thief would know where the necklace was hidden.

Aaji harshly accuses Sajeeri of being clever enough to find a good hiding spot for the necklace, which Sajeeri denies. Aaji demands silence and insists that Sajeeri must have stolen and hidden the necklace since she spends so much time in the kitchen.

Mandira agrees, suggesting that Sajeeri thought no one would look there. Sajeeri, in tears, maintains her innocence. Aaji dismisses her, claiming she knew Sajeeri would produce the necklace only when threatened with expulsion. Sajeeri questions why she would steal it, to which Mandira suggests she might have taken it while intoxicated, mentioning a special syrup from the previous night.

Sajeeri questions how Mandira knows about the syrup, and Mandira responds that Sajeeri mentioned it in the morning. Cheenu interrupts, informing Aaji that the pandit is calling. Aaji tells Nalini to clean the necklace and forbids Sajeeri from attending the puja.

Despite Sajeeri’s pleas, Aaji’s decision is final. Anjali warns not to clean the flour in the bathroom to avoid clogging the drainage, suggesting Sajeeri go outside instead. Aaji allows it, and Shivam watches Sajeeri as Aaji summons him for the puja. Sajeeri, crying, stands apart and prays, then leaves. Shivam, conflicted, senses her innocence. Sajeeri laments the false accusations and wonders how to prove her innocence.

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