Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 3rd July 2024: keeps it in the drawer

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 3rd July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Sajeeri deep in thought about Shivam. She hugs his photograph and drifts off to sleep. Meanwhile, Shivam returns home and silently watches her. Gently, he replaces his picture and receives a call from Mr. Gupta, who urges him to prepare for an early morning meeting. Shivam agrees and starts working on the presentation immediately, working through the night.

As dawn breaks, Shivam gets ready for work and leaves quietly. Sajeeri wakes up and realizes Shivam isn’t beside her. Concerned, she asks Nalini about his whereabouts. Nalini explains how tirelessly Shivam has been working for Mukadam’s success, pointing out his tablet left behind.

Sajeeri steps out and sees the family going about their morning routine. Nalini starts making batter, Priya reads Riya’s poetry aloud, and Bua suggests saving it on a tablet, which Priya finds intriguing. Aaji overhears their conversation.


Aaji asks Sajeeri to fetch her tablet from her room, assuming Shivam might have brought it. Sajeeri retrieves the tablet and Aaji asks her to check if everything is in order. Sajeeri confirms, and Aaji recalls Shivam’s late-night work session, explaining how he was preparing for an important meeting and noting his habit of journaling, which he learned from Aaji herself. Aaji is curious about whether Shivam has written about their marriage, wanting to uncover any secrets. She reads a note and smiles, reminiscing.

Later, she returns to the room, mentioning Shivam forgot the tablet, planning to open the page she believes Sajeeri will check. Sajeeri opens the tablet and reads the note. Aaji clarifies it’s not the tablet she meant but her medicine, asking Shivam to fetch it. Sajeeri is visibly upset and leaves the room in tears, overwhelmed with thoughts of Shivam.

She doubts his love for her, remembering some mysterious messages. Nalini arrives and asks why she’s crying. Sajeeri questions if Shivam loved someone else before their marriage. Nalini denies it, affirming that their marriage was Shivam’s choice. Sajeeri struggles with her emotions but doesn’t disclose her concerns.

Nalini reassures Sajeeri that everything will be alright, attributing their marriage to divine will and advising her to prepare breakfast as Shivam returns home. Sajeeri hands him the tablet, revealing the note. Shivam looks at her, their eyes meeting with unspoken tension.

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