Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 7th July 2024: Saree for Sajeeri

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 7th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Mandira demanding her saree back, saying, “It’s my saree, give it to me.” Sachi insists that it belongs to Sajeeri. Just then, Sajeeri, wearing the saree gifted by Shivam, comes downstairs, and everyone smiles. Shivam compliments her. Mandira insists on getting her saree back, saying she needs to get ready.

Sajeeri admits it’s Mandira’s saree and explains that she tried to tell them earlier, but they didn’t listen. Upset, Sachi intentionally tears the saree’s pallu. Mandira notices the tear, and Sachi feigns an apology, saying it was an accident. Aaji comments that Sachi is more foolish than Mandira. Shivam steps aside to take a call.

Sachi apologizes to Shivam and expresses her feelings. He tells her that his past is behind him and he’s moved on. She apologizes again, admitting her mistake. He asks her to leave, reminding her that he’s married and Sajeeri is his wife. She questions his happiness in the marriage, but he firmly states it’s his life and none of her business.

Sajeeri enters and sees Sachi holding Shivam’s hand. She demands to know what’s happening. Shivam tries to explain, but Sachi quickly says she was checking if he was hurt. Concerned, Sajeeri asks if Shivam is in pain and notes that he tends to hide his injuries. She then asks Sachi to get ready for the cake cutting and takes Shivam with her.

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Meetha Khatta Pyaar Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Later, Aaji approaches Sachi, who laments that Shivam isn’t willing to talk to her. Aaji advises her to be patient and keep trying to get close to him, which makes Sachi smile. Shivam mentions liking the sugar-free halwa and asks Sajeeri to make it again. She agrees, smiling.

Shivam contemplates telling her about his past with Sachi but gets interrupted by a call from Mr. Joshi about an important meeting. Sajeeri offers to make breakfast for him and prompts him to share what he was about to say, but he dismisses it and leaves.

Aaji informs Sajeeri about a necessary visit to the Kuldevi temple the next morning while Shivam attends his meeting. She hands over some temple items to Sajeeri, who agrees to go. Aaji then suggests to Sachi that she make Shivam’s favorite breakfast dishes to impress him. Sachi admits she doesn’t know how to cook and asks for help. Aaji implies that Sachi needs to impress Shivam if she wants to become her daughter-in-law, which Sachi finds encouraging.

The next morning, Aaji wakes Sachi by pouring water on her face, urging her to pretend to cook the breakfast. Shivam wakes up, and Aaji asks for his help in pretending, but Nalini interrupts, saying she will handle the cooking. Aaji insists on being taken to her room.

Sachi brings breakfast to Shivam, explaining that Nalini was busy and asked her to prepare it. Shivam claims he already had breakfast. Sachi accuses him of lying since Sajeeri isn’t home. Sajeeri returns from the temple with prasad and explains she made breakfast early in the morning. Sachi is surprised and asks how she managed it. Sajeeri says she woke up at 4 am to prepare breakfast before going to the temple.

Sajeeri thanks Sachi for her efforts to learn cooking online and appreciates her attempt. Shivam thanks Sajeeri for the tasty breakfast and heads to the office. Sajeeri decides to eat the food Sachi made, showing trust. She leaves to freshen up, observed by Aaji. Nalini arrives with balm, but Aaji declines, feeling better, and suggests she check on Vikram. Sachi decides to come up with a bigger plan.

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